Change the ARB Bushes

**This article has pictures from the 205 but the procedure is very similar for all GT4s **


Why do I want to replace my ARB bushes?

Maybe the old ARB bushes have worn out and you have some odd clonking noises from either the front or rear of the car, or maybe you want to just tweak the car a little to make it perform a tiny bit better?

Are there any downsides to fitting PU bushes?

None that I have found yet, except that these are more prone to the odd squeak, but greasing sorts this out. Note that I found the 165 to suffer much more from squeaks than the 205 with PU bushes.

Where can I buy the bits from?

Maybe there are other manufacturers of these specific PU bushes, but , and all sell the necessary parts.


14mm Front

Note that the stock front ARB is 15mm in diameter, but the 14mm bush works fine, maybe this is why they squeak from time to time?


17mm Rear



What tools do I need?

How did you replace the ARB bushes?

I can't remember how long this took, but if you allowed 1 hour for the front and 1 hour for the rear that should be ample.

  Jack up the car at each wheel as you do each bush in turn. Ensure the wheels are chocked and the car is supported on axle stands before venturing under the car

Rear ARB

The stock rear ARB is fixed to the car by a rubber surround and a metal bracket. This arrangement is the same for all GT4s for both the front and rear ARBs...
...undo the 2 securing bolts, note the split in the bush, (it's there by design)...
...remove the metal bracket and simply pull the bush off from the ARB

A couple of pictures showing the comparison between the old rubber bush and the replacement PU bush. Note the replacement PU bush also has a similar "split" as the original rubber bush so that you can easily place this over the ARB
Lubricate the ARB and inside of the PU bush with the supplied grease, fit the bush to the ARB and tighten up the bolts securing the bracket to the car

Front ARB

  The procedure is exactly the same, but access is a little more limited and you will probably need to reach the passenger side bush from underneath the car as it's awkward to get at!
The removed bush from the front passenger side
The new bush fitted

Any questions or comments then please feel free to e-mail me

Other jobs to do at the same time?


This article is intended as a helpful guide and shows how I fitted some PU ARB bushes onto a 205. If you are in any doubt, or not qualified, do not undertake this modification, consult a qualified mechanic. Always consult the manufacturer's manual. Alterations away from the manufacturer's specifications are not recommended.