www.owendevelopments.co.uk Have a 2 and 4 wheel rolling road, have experience with Dastek, Motec. Mixed reports from GT4 owners...
www.noblemotorsport.com Have a 4 wheel rolling road, have experience of Dastek, Motec and Haltech. Highly regarded by many GT4 owners. Used to be "John Noble Motorsport"
www.powerengineering.co.uk Have a 2 and 4 wheel rolling road. Personally found these guys to be accommodating and friendly
www.madevelopments.com UK suppliers and tuners of Autronic ECUs. Don't think they have a Rolling Road
www.abbeymotorsport.co.uk Specialist Skyline tuners. Seem to be pretty good, but a little expensive in my opinion... Have a 4 wheel Dyno pak...
www.tdi-plc.com Torque Developments. 4WD rolling road. You might want to try these people for your HKS F-CON tuning
www.rapidchariots.co.uk 4 wheel rolling road, click for flyer