Wanted - ECU Maps



I am looking for aftermarket ECU maps for all models of the GT4.


I am aiming to accumulate a whole load of ECU maps. I then intend on sorting and then publishing these different maps and people's experiences. The end goal is to increase the 3SGTE community knowledge and "hopefully" provide a useful resource to other Owners, so we can all increase our knowledge :)

What should you submit?

Please provide as much background detail as humanly possible e.g. injector size, fuel rail pressure, turbo details, engine work, who undertook the mapping etc etc

To provide the background info you may wish to use this Word document to help standardise the info submitted, along with your ECU maps and any other info...

A dyno print out may also be useful to see the output power vs mapping info.

You cannot supply too much detail!

How should I submit the info?

Any format will be great! Word, Excel, ECU specific files etc etc - basically anything.

What are you going to do with all this info?

I aim to publish the original files in e.g. MoTeC format and also in an easy to see and understand format e.g. Excel. The idea is to provide comparable maps from all sorts of tuners, from the home enthusiast through to the professional guys. These could be used for plain comparison and also to load into your own ECU...(at your own risk of course!)

Who should I send these maps to?

Please send all the info you wish to send to

Please don't worry about the size of files, the bigger the better!