Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Replace rubber bushes with PU bushes
How to... front
How to... rear
Front picture
Rear picture
  • Improve handling
  • Tighter control
  • Safer car
  • Stock bushes wear out
  • Difficult job
  • Need good tools


Allow 12 hours per rear side if you replace all of the bushes.Don't bother replacing the stock rear radius arm bushes, you won't notice any difference. Just replace the trailing arm bushes

Other bushes to replace that make a difference are front and rear anti-roll bars, (2 bushes on each ARB), front wishbone (2 bushes on each wishbone)

Stiffer / shorter springs
How to replace
  • Improved handling
  • Tighter control
  • Better looks
  • Do the bushes at the same time - you'll thank me!
  • I wouldn't go lower than 35mm as you may get contact with the front wheel arches
  • Do the shocks at the same time or you might get occasional arch /  wheel contact


You will need some specialist tools e.g. spring compressors
Upgrade shocks
How to article - front
  • Stop the car wallowing around and bottoming out
  • Freshen up the ageing shocks
  • Much improved ride and handling
  • Sourcing the correct shocks


You might want to try Fensport or Whiteline. Tein will make all 4 shocks fully adj for 900+ (ouch)

The Whiteline kit is considered to be one of the best available

Make sure you get a shock that fits and is uprated. KYB 365077 are too short and require an additional spacer/ring but are quite a bit better that the stock shocks

185 shocks are too short

KYB 765015 AGX shocks are apparently 5mm longer than the stock shock, but will fit iaw KYB USA & Japan

The rears are a crimped top design, so the whole leg needs to be replaced

165 and 185 rear shocks are identical, the fronts are not

The 205 front setup is a world apart from the 165/185, but the rears "look" very similar

16" Alloys 225 rubber
  • Much better looks
  • Better handling
  • Looks 110% better
  • Check the offset, the rears may well foul the suspension leg


Watch the wheel/tyre size and alloy offset.  Try before you buy...

The clearance around the rear shock is very tight

165 offset ET39

205 alloys
  • As above
  • Will clear 205 front callipers...
  • Will foul the rear suspension leg
  • Require 5mm wheel spacers on rear only
  • Central locating "hole" is larger than the 165


Don't bother, get some better looking alloys that fit correctly will fit the 185
Front strut brace
  • Stiffen up front of car
  • Handling improved
  • Steering more responsive
  • Fitting a better brace will improve the turn into a corner
  • Make sure it clears the intercooler and intake manifold


I "think" these are the same fitment as the 185

Cusco may be able to supply these for the 165 and 205

Front lower strut brace
  • Stiffen up front of car
  • Handling improved
  • Steering more responsive
  • Fitting is a little awkward


Cusco may be able to supply these now

The type 2 ladder frame would be the one to go for - click here for a picture of the 205 brace

There is also one available for the 185

The 185 lower brace will not fit the 165

Rear strut brace
  • Stiffen up rear of car
  • Handling improved
  • Need to cut the plastic trim in the boot to fit


205/185 strut brace will not fit the 165

205 brace will fit a 185

Cusco may be able to supply these for all the GT4s

I fabricated one for the 165 from a 205 strut brace and cut and welded it to fit

A 3 point brace would be the best i.e. connect the 2 suspension turrets and the floor pan together

I doubt any noticeable improvement when replacing the 205 rear brace with an aftermarket brace