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Weight Reduction

Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Reduce the weight of the car
  • Increase acceleration
  • Quicker car
  • Reduced strain on transmission components
  • Improved handling
  • Need to ditch some 'stuff'
  • Maybe loose some luxury!


It really depends on how far you take it and how much comfort you want to lose!

You might not want to loose all that lovely sound deadening carpet...

Ditch what? Benefit Drawback Weight (kg)
Air conditioning
  • Better cabin heater
  • Less engine bay clutter
  • Less complex
  • Can fit larger front mount IC radiator
  • No air conditioning
  • Pump - 6.9
  • Chiller - 2.6
  • Radiator - 3.1
  • Pipe work - 1.6
  • Cooling fan - 1.5
  • Mounting brackets - 0.8
  • Liquid receiver - 0.6
  • Sensors/etc - 0.2
  • Refrigerant - ?

Total - 17.3

Catalytic converter
  • Better exhaust gas flow
  • More power
  • Turbo spools up quicker
  • Emissions will rise

(Aussie DP weighs 2.4kg)
(Homemade DP weighs 3kg)

Stock exhaust
  • More power
  • Better turbo spool up time
  • Noisier
  • May rattle
  • Need to buy an aftermarket exhaust, cheaper than Toyota but won't fit as well...
  • Never need to buy another exhaust
  • Centre section - 6.4

Guess at least ~5kg? heavier than stainless? Probably more! Stock exhaust heavy

Rear car mats
  • Dirty rear foot wells
Misc pipes / bolts / brackets 2
Excessive stock ECU wiring
  • A lot less clutter in the engine bay
  • Need to fit an aftermarket ECU
Carbon canister
  • Less engine bay clutter
  • Emissions will rise
Stock air filter & box
  • More power
  • Turbo spools up quicker
  • Gonna suck in hot air from engine bay, air intake temps ~2 deg C hotter
Air box to turbo pipe work
  • More power
  • Turbo spools up quicker
  • May need a straight air intake
  • May need to relocate the battery
Remove under bonnet insulation
  • Better cooling effect for the engine bay area
  • More engine noise
  • Need to protect paintwork above the turbo/cat area
EGR & VSV assembly
  • Lower intake air temperatures
  • Less crap fed into the inlet manifold
  • Less clutter/crap
  • Emissions may rise
  • Need to fabricate 2 blanking plates
  • Combustion chamber temperatures may rise
  • Increased risk of detonation
Spare tyre cover
  • Carpet may sag around the spare wheel - get a space saver instead!
Air intake resonator
  • Hear turbo more
  • Slightly more noise... maybe!
Alternator cooling duct
  • More room to do an oil change
  • Alternator may overheat - doubtful
TVSV, TVIS VSV and mounting plate
  • Less complexity pipe work and clutter
Battery clamp & plastic tray
  • Need to move battery to boot
Pre-air filter box pipe work and fittings etc
  • Hotter intake temperatures
Remove cambelt top cover
  • Provide a route for heat to escape from the cambelt area
  • Extend the life of the cambelt
  • Cambelt exposed
  • Greater risk of getting something caught in rotating bits - fingers, ties, hair, pets and wire loom
Remove rear wheel brake disc backing cover
  • Dissipates heat faster from brakes
  • A little awkward to do
0.3 each
Carbon canister mounting bracket
  • Provides exactly the right spaced holes to mount a WI pump!!
  • Need to drill out spot welds to fuel filter bracket

Total weight saved - 46.5kg