165/185 braided brake hose. Note the the ends are swaged Braided hose installed on 165 calliper. Note that the hose does not have the "lug" that fits into the locating hole. The stock rubber hoses have this connection 165 & 205 front brake disks 165 & 205 front callipers
165 & 205 calliper 165 & 205 front disks & callipers A twisted rear 165 calliper that caused a few pad changes! An "un-bent" rear 165 calliper
185 single pot calliper The piston is approx 50mm wide Top view of a front 165 calliper 165 front twin pot calliper
Front 165 twin pot callipers Partially stripped 185 single pot calliper 185 pad (top), compared to 165 pad (bottom) Rear view of the 165 and 185 front pads
Complete 165 rear handbrake shoe setup. The handbrake setup is very similar on all the GT4s Handbrake shoes from both sides of a 165 165, 185 and 205 front disks On top of each other
The size difference here is very apparent! The thickness and design differences... All 3 front GT4 Callipers. Note that the 165 callipers also appeared on the early 185s All 3 front GT4 Callipers. The 165 and early 185s have twin pot callipers, the later 185s a large single pot and the 205 sports 4 pots
Rear 205 and 165 disks. Note that the 165 has a solid rear disk, the 205 is vented A 165 disk on top of a 205 rear disk. Note that the stock 165 disks are NOT grooved, pictured above is a Black Diamond 165 disk The size difference of the rear disks is quite apparent...  

  1. Early 185's came with the same brakes as the 165 i.e. twin pot callipers

Front disk sizes
165 - 256mm
185 - 277mm
205 - 315mm