SS Autochrome/XS Power Downpipe

The 3" DP Note the wideband lambda sensor bung near the output from the DP 6 stud fixing for the 185, note that this will also fit the 205... removing one of the 205 turbo  studs
The wastegate area... ...another view The flange seems to be of a decent thickness The lambda sensor hole. Access to the securing nuts should be ok
Another view of the turbo flange... ...and finally the exit from the DP The XS Power is a 3" system... ...and the wastegate area is much better than some other DPs available
Another comparison view... ...and another... ...and another The first version of this DP did not fit! Not only did it foul on parts of the aircon system, it did not meet with the stock exhaust system. Apparently version 2 is better...apparently


My verdict 2/10, they don't fit the 205! Maybe v2 will be better?

Thanks to MaxT2000 for some of the pictures