205 Intake Manifold

Rear of a WRC manifold The WRC manifold appears to have a couple of extra VSVs, presumably for the Anti-lag system Some pipes removed and the TVSV and extra VSVs can clearly be seen Another view of the rear of the manifold
The design of the manifold is quite different to that of the 165 or 185 There are only 4 runners vs the 8 runners on the 165 and 185... ...the 205 manifold does not use the TVIS system Close up of one of the runners
This pipe feeds the manifold pressure to the Turbo Pressure Sensor Throttle body mounting point. Note the Inlet Air Temp sensor has been removed from adjacent to the bottom right hand corner of the throttle body mounting The WRC had what looks like a cold start injector in the mouth of the intake - this appears to be a form of Water Injection system The design of the runners are smoother than that of the 165 or 185
Close up of the runners Side view of the manifold