ST205 Koyo vs Stock vs Pace Radiators

The 3 radiators Another view Top view... ...note the difference in width
The fixing points for the radiators are similar... ...except the Pace as this will not allow the stock top radiator supports to be used! Side view, note the differing top supports Side view showing the widths
Note the Pace is slightly larger than the stock and the Koyo is wider than the Pace, and approx twice the width of the stock The Pace top bracket requires altering The modified bracket Note that the top of the Pace radiator cannot be secured with the stock top supports! This is very poor of Pace, especially since it is so expensive


My verdict:
9/10 - Koyo, good fitment, good quality and a good price
4/10 - Pace, a few fitting issues and a horrendous price. They did not listen during the development of the radiator and the end product shows this...(I know as I sent them a radiator to be used as a pattern)