165 Engine Sensors

All the pictures are of 165 sensors...

Knock sensor location, remove with a deep reach 27mm socket The sensor can be accessed by taking off the drivers wheel and peering in through the arch Close up of knock sensor, torque to:

165/185 - 44Nm
205 - 37Nm

Side view of the stock knock sensor
End view ATS racing/GM knock sensor. Apparently this is a replacement for the stock knock sensor... ATS racing/GM knock sensor. I wouldn't fit one of these to my car since KS are "tuned" to a specific engine Sensors within the water elbow
Flow restrictions caused by the sensors Sensor locations Close up of water elbow sensors Underneath view of water elbow
BVSV Dash water temp gauge temp sender ECU water temp sender ECU water temp sender connector view
Part No 89462-20010
Part No 89462-20040
TPS - Throttle position sensor - throttle body side Another angle
Outer plastic removed Internal picture Internal circuitry...  Turbo pressure sensor


Thanks to Steve Harris for the TPS internal pictures