Moroso Oil Sump Pan

Note the hinged "flap" The hole in the side of the pan is intended for use with the oil level sensor that is fitted to some cars The front of the oil pan Picture showing the cut out in the sump, particularly useful when fitted ARP fasteners to the main bearing caps - take note Mr ARP!
Picture showing some of the baffling arrangements Another view... ...note the hinged flap. This is intended to aid baffling A view of the bottom of the oil pan
Side view Top view Fitted to a 185. Note this just clears the inner CV joint... ...a close up
Front view, note the blocked off oil level sensor plate The sump plug just clears the front of the wishbone And another view And another
The sump hangs down about level with the front to rear cross member... ...and another view    


Many thanks to Pete and Scott for supplying the pictures