165 Suspension

Whiteline vs stock springs. Rear springs are on the left Whiteline springs mounted on powder coated stock suspension legs A different view - fronts on the rhs, rears on the lhs Whiteline vs stock
Whiteline anti-lift kit, giving up to +1 deg positive castor A replacement for the front wishbone, rear bush

Part Number KCA 376

Rear radius arm inner bushes Whiteline rear camber adjustment bolts
Stock rear suspension leg What the rear suspension leg looks like minus spring. Note that the rears are sealed and cannot accommodate replacement inserts, without cutting and welding... Fensport 20% uprated rear spring vs stock rear spring New vs old front top mount. Ignore the 6 holes in the rhs mount, these were made in an effort to separate the 2 halves on the top mount...
Front suspension leg comes apart to accept replacement shock inserts Stock front shock inserts The rod removed from the sleeve Top to strut - note the flats that positively locate into the top mount
Front wishbones fitted with PU bushes Stock front ARB Stock front and rear ARBs Stock and Whiteline rear anti roll bars

Many thanks to Steve Gillies for supplying the Whiteline pictures
Click here for the Whiteline 165 product catalogue and recommended settings