Exedy Twin Plate Clutch - TM012SR

The Clutch Everything that is included in the box, except the spark plug! Note the replacement flywheel bolts The clutch assembly is balanced at the factory, note the blue markings All parts of the clutch
Close up of the friction plate. Note it is not fitted with springs A side shot of one of the friction plates End view of the block, ready to accept the new flywheel View of the rear of the block, showing seal, carrier and crank. Note the threaded holes in the crank go all the way through...
The fitted flywheel Picture showing a partially built engine and Exedy flywheel The complete Exedy clutch fitted Close up of the cover plate
Close up of where the input shaft of the gearbox mates. Note the 2 sets of clutch plates that require alignment...      


Clutch settings not included by Exedy

No.8 Bolt A - 2.9kg/m
Bolt B - 3.8kg/m
No.9 bolt - do not touch, factory set
No.11 Crank bolt - 11kg/m
Maximum wear - face thickness 3mm, at new 4mm