TVIS assembly TVIS split. Note the closed butterfly valves on the left and the removed ones on the right The two halves can be separated and the supporting bar and "flaps" removed TVIS actuator attached to the bar that turns the butterfly valves
Rear view of engine showing the TVSV and TVIS assemblies Close up of the TVIS and TVSV assembly, taken from an ST185

1 - Vacuum tank to TVIS VSV
2 - TVIS VSV to actuator
3 - Manifold to vacuum tank
4 - TVSV outlet to manifold
5 - From top of wastegate actuator

TVIS and TVSV assembly. Attaches to the two lugs shown in the first 2 pictures TVIS and TVSV assembly / actuators



Thanks to Karen for the 185 TVIS and TVSV picture