On track at Goodwood 2004 Waiting to go on track Juha probably discussing the unfortunate body work damage! Parked up in the Paddock
The winning duo Chassis number Cockpit CS front bumper
Cooling fan arrangement Overall engine bay picture Various fluid reservoirs Another view
The intake air box is very large Under the air box in the oil cooler Water to oil, oil cooler The Water To Air Intercooler
The throttle body area - note the different ignition setup Turbo area The setup appears to use the TVSV still? A side view of all the pipe work
Note the lack of distributor. Apparently the intake cam is variable... Another view of the distributor less setup View of the top of the gearbox Side view of the engine - note the addition of a large diameter pipe to the oil filler neck
Close up of the extended neck of the filler and additional pipe work Modifications to the fuel rail Close up of the fuel rail Twin cables for the throttle body
The engine mounts are different The pipe from the filler neck disappears... The oil filter relocation Looks like a 3" downpipe to me...
The downpipe with a quick release coupling, and no lambda sensor Front spring Different hubs Note the addition of a "bar and a joint"...
View looking up at the hub etc Note that flat bar again... It connects to a rotating assembly that is cable controlled and is.... adjustable from within the car to set 4 positions for the front anti-roll bar
In the boot Roll cage rhs roll cage mountings That doesn't look like a standard shock top!
lhs Note the rear diff oil cooler... ...a close up Behind the front seats