Type Name What is it?
165 ECU Pin Out Lists the ECU connections for the ST165, what they are and what they do...
  Converter Converts different units of measurement e.g. Converts psi - Bar and vice versa as well as lots of other stuff...
Celica Font True Type Font - Looks exactly like the Toyota Celica writing - see installation note below
  Tyre size comparison A visual look at how altering tyre dimensions varies the tyre size, as well as helping you to understand the weird numbers on the side of your tyre
4WD towing How to tow a 4WD vehicle - thanks to Bill Price for this article
Blitz DSBC Installation Overview on how to install a DSBC
Blitz DSBC setup guide Helpful DSBC setup notes
205 Suspension Replacement 205 front suspension replacement guide, credits go to Mark Irwin for writing this!
Whiteline 165 product catalogue with suspension specs Whiteline suspension products - Details their recommended suspension alignment
3SGTE ECU Pin out Lots of 3SGTE ECUs detailing their respective pin outs

Thanks to Frank for sending this in, credit to whoever put this information together...