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Useful info that's lumped together for reference purposes.

Note - that these are the original specifications, and not the specifications of a modified part.


What? Specification Note
Length 4365mm  
Width 1710mm Vehicle fitted with side protection moulding
Height 1290mm European & Australian vehicles
Wheel base 2525mm  
Ground clearance 155mm  
Luggage capacity 0.244 cubic metres  
Max power 182.4bhp @ 6000rpm  
Max torque 184.4ft/lb@3600rpm  
Kerb weight 1465kg Front - 865kg
Rear - 600kg
Gross weight 1835kg Front - 970kg
Rear - 865kg
0 - 60mph 7.7s  
1/4 mile 15.6s @ 88mph  
Fuel tank capacity 60 litres Unleaded, 95 RON
Fuel consumption at 56 39.8 mpg Taken from the Toyota handbook manual
Fuel consumption at 75 31.9 mpg I can't get anywhere near this figure!


What? Specification Note
Engine name 3S-GTE Revision 1 of this engine
Engine type 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC  
Engine material Block - cast iron
Head - aluminium alloy
Combustion chamber Pent roof  
Bore 86.0mm 3.39"
Stroke 86.0mm 3.39"
Capacity 1998cc 123 cu in
Compression ratio 8.5 : 1 185 - 8.8:1

205 - 8.5:1

Max rpm 6,400 - continuous
7,300 - momentary
Compression test Min 128psi
Normal 178 psi
All 4 cylinders not to differ by more than 14 psi
Inlet valve clearance 0.15 - 0.25mm Taken with engine cold
Exhaust valve clearance 0.20 - 0.30mm Taken with engine cold
Inlet valve diameter 33.5mm  
Exhaust valve diameter 29.0mm  
Valve lift 7.15mm  
Injector size 430cc Top fed injectors
Fuel pressure without engine running 33-38 psi Short FP and +B at the diagnostic connector with the engine off
Fuel pressure with engine running 27-31 psi  
Oil pressure 4.3+ psi - idle

36-71 psi - 3000rpm

All taken when warm and measured from the oil pressure sensor location. Note these specifications have been taken directly from the 165 BGB
Oil capacity 4.6 litres
3.6 litres
3.3 litres
Dry fill
Drain & fill with filter
Drain & fill without filter
Coolant capacity 6.4 litres
5.9 litres
With heater
Without heater
Intercooler capacity 1.6 litres  
Idle speed 700 - 800 rpm  
Thermostat opening temp 82oC TRD rated at 71oC


What? Specification Note
Clutch Single dry plate  
Clutch operation Hydraulic  
Clutch free play 5 - 15mm  
Gearbox E50F2 5 forward gears, 1 reverse
Gear ratios 1 - 3.583
2 - 2.045
3 - 1.333
4 - 0.972
5 - 0.731
Reverse - 3.583

Final drive - 4.28:1

CS/RC final drive ratio - 3.993

ST205 final drive ratio - 4.285

Transfer unit Hypoid gear with 0.341 reduction ratio  
Gear type Front & centre - Helical
Rear - Hypoid
Axle ratio Front & centre - 3.933
Rear - 2.928
Pinions Front & centre - 4
Rear - 2
Propeller shafts 3 with 4 CV universal joints 165 - 20kg

205 - 17kg

Drive shafts 4 x 25.2mm diameter Front diameter picture
Front length picture
Drive Full time 4 wheel drive with viscous coupling controlled centre diff  
Torque split 50 : 50 Front to rear torque ratio


What? Specification Note
Name CT26 Single wastegate turbo
Lubrication Engine oil  
Cooling Engine coolant  
Max pressure 0.7bar ~10 psi Common reckoning is that the turbo is good for 15 psi max. Personally I think it's advisable not to exceed 12 psi
Inducer size 42mm The smallest of all the GT4 turbo inducers. I "think" the A/R is 0.5
Inducer configuration Twin 5 blade Click here for pictures. Top of inducer measures 40mm, bottom measures 65mm
Exducer size ~52mm

Looks like the exducer is ceramic i.e. a magnet doesn't stick to it

Compressor housing inlet outer diameter 70mm  
Compressor outlet od - 53.5mm
id - 45mm
Exhaust inlet diameter 60mm  
Wastegate diameter 32mm The 185 and 205 have smaller dual exit wastegates
Cat housing flange 4 stud 185 - 6 stud
205 - 7 stud


What? Specification Note
Spark plug type NGK BCPR5EP8 Platinum plugs, heat range 5
Spark plug gap 0.8mm  
Ignition timing 10o BTDC Whilst shorting T and E1 terminals at the diagnostic connector
Firing order 1 - 3 - 4 - 2  
Headlight lamp
  • Regular - 65/55 (H4)
  • Halogen - 65/35
Battery 12V 60Ah  
Alternator 12V 70Ah  
Battery specific gravity
  • 1.26 - fully charged
  • 1.16 - half charged
  • 1.06 - discharged
Reading taken at 20oC


What? Specification Note
Front calliper Floating 2 pot Early 185s came with these awful brakes
Front disk Vented 255mm diameter, 25mm thick In my opinion too small to stop the car effectively. Single pot 185 was fitted with 277mm disks
Rear calliper Floating 1 pot  
Rear disk Solid 269mm diameter, 10mm thick Why on earth would they put a larger diameter disk on the rear? Very strange...
Brake pedal clearance >95mm Measured between floor and brake pedal top when pedal pressed with 50kg force
Handbrake adjustment 4 - 7 clicks  
Master Cylinder bore 26mm  


What? Specification Note
Front suspension type McPherson struts & coil springs  
Front spring rate 2.5kg/mm  
Front anti-roll bar Torsion bar - 26mm diameter  
Rear suspension type McPherson strut & coil springs Right rear shock KYB part number 48530-20120-A
Rear spring rate 2.6kg/mm Why on earth make the rear springs stiffer than the front!
Rear anti-roll bar Torsion bar - 17mm diameter  
Shock absorber type Gas filled, double acting hydraulic Both front and rear



What? Specification Note
Tyre size 205 60 VR14 Bridgestone Potenza
Alloy 14" x 6" Cast aluminium
Wheel offset ET39  
Steering free play <30mm  
Steering turns 2.95 - lock to lock Ratio - 17.3
Turning circle 5.4m  
Maximum speeds per gear (allegedly) 1 - 35mph
2 - 62mph
3 - 95mph
4 - 130mph
Available colours Super White II 040

Black 202

Super Red II 3E5

Blue interior

Black interior

Black interior

Leather was also an option - picture

Available for sale in UK From Wed March 23rd 1988 Early 1988 20,495 inc VAT and car tax
Late 1988 - 20,701
Early 1989 - 21,447

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