Recommended Reading

Engine Builders Handbook

Tom Monroe

Based around a V8 rebuild, covers many general items concerning what to do, and more importantly what not to do when it's time for an engine rebuild. An okay read 7/10
21st Century Performance

Julian Edgar


An informative book that covers many general topics ECU, turbos, cams etc. A good intro into tuning, worth a read 8/10
Engine Blueprinting

Rick Voegelin


An excellent book. Covering many many subjects e.g. nitriding, porting, balancing, plug indexing, knife edging etc. An excellent book 9.5/10
Engine Management

Dave Walker


A fairly good book. Covers a couple more subjects in addition to mapping e.g. knock, cam timing. The included Emerald software gives a basic understanding but it is not fully functional. An informative section about mapping an engine and what all the "different" map corrections are used for, shame it doesn't cover more! 8/10
Supercharging, Turbocharging & Nos

Earl Davis & Diane Perkins-Davis


Nothing startling in this book. A very average read

Covers what the title says but in little depth.

Four-Stroke Performance Tuning

A Graham Bell


Thoroughly recommended! Covers many areas such as valves, cylinder head, injector sizing, exhaust systems, fuelling, cranks and lots more 9.5/10
Car Suspension at Work

Jeffery Daniels

Dull 2/10
Competition Car Suspension

Allan Staniforth

An interesting read, mainly geared towards high end suspension setups i.e. F1 etc.

Not so useful for the mere mortal car enthusiast...
The Nitrous Oxide High Performance Manual

Trevor Langfield

A good intro into the world of Nitrous, covers lots of areas, a recommended read despite the heavy bias to WON kit 9/10