Turbo Pressure Sensor

What is the TPS?

Turbo Pressure Sensor. A sensor which converts intake manifold pressure into a voltage which can be understood by the ECU. This is often referred to as the MAP sensor on the 205.

What does it do?

Whereabouts is the sensor?

On the 165 - just right of the middle of the engine bay on the firewall is the TPS sensor. The manifold pressure is fed up from a hose attached to the bottom right of the manifold up to the TPS sensor.

On the 205 this is located on the lhs against the firewall. This is fed from the top of the intake manifold.

Is the purpose of the TPS different on the different GT4s?

Yes. The 165 and 185 calculates the majority of the fuelling and timing for the engine by using the AFM information. On the 205 the majority of the fuelling and timing information is derived from the signal sent to the ECU from the MAP sensor. The 205 is not fitted with an AFM.