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Mod Benefit Drawback Is it a problem? Notes
Remove EGR
  • Reduce intake air temps
  • Reduce engine bay clutter
  • May help to prevent pre-ignition
  • Stop carbon/crap entering into the intake manifold
  • Less complexity
  • Reduce weight
  • More engine bay room
  • Help to reduce engine bay temps
  • Emissions may be higher
  • Removing the system may cause the cylinder temps to rise and therefore increase chances of detonation when cruising


Need to fabricate 2 blanking plates

Once removed the exhaust gas pressure can be monitored from the hole the EGR leaves behind...

This system not fitted to Jap GT4s

Remove charcoal canister
  • Reduce weight
  • Reduce engine bay clutter
  • Less complexity
  • More engine bay room
  • Provides a convenient place to mount an ERL WI pump
  • Emissions may be higher


Don't forget to block the pipe...
Relocate battery to the boot
How to article
  • Increase engine bay room
  • Shield battery from engine bay temperatures - prolonging life
  • Extra space in engine bay for straight air intake
  • Power supply easier to get to and closer to your ICE
  • Cables need to be run correctly and to a high standard
  • Require fuse/fuses
  • Need a box to mount battery in boot
  • Need to carry spare fuses
  • You will blow fuses if car started when in gear


Remove Aircon
  • Free up enough room to fit larger IC water radiator/reservoir or Front Mount IC
  • Weight saving - 17.3kg
  • Less complexity/pipes
  • Cabin heater improved
  • Improved engine bay access
  • Improved engine cooling as radiator better exposed to incoming air
  • Leave one of the sensors in place otherwise the radiator fan will run constantly
  • Need to fabricate alternator belt tensioner puller bracket or similar


Need to sort the alternator drive belt...contact me for the solution